<Monthly Homeshopping>pursues to be a capable homeshopping media platform which both general consumers and industry professionals who enjoy homeshopping are satisfied with.

  • <Monthly Homeshopping> as the first domestic homeshopping magazine

    The first domestic homeshopping magazine that spans small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, homeshopping business (Live, T-Commerce, Infomercial, MCN, etc.), and government

    Introducing excellent products to help companies to sell through homeshopping

    Reporting on the government support policies for small and medium-sized companies

    Discourse on issues and conditions affecting the industry written by professors and leading professionals currently working in homeshopping fields

    Promotion of quantitative and qualitative improvement of homeshopping through cultivating talent

    Provision of specialized contents for job applicants in homeshopping fields, such as interviews with MD, show host, and PD

    Daily updates on online media <Homeshopping Today>

    Various events through social media such as Facebook, Instagram