Business Area

Support all processes for launching and selling from manufacturing to distributing to domestic and international markets

  • Establishment of International Networks
    We prepare the launch of selected premium international brands and products that have not been introduced to South Korea as of yet.
    Additionally, we export competitive domestic products to overseas markets,
    particularly through our overseas corporations in Shanghai, China, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    Overseas Branches
    - Corporation in Shanghai
    - Corporation in Ho Chi Minh City
Live Homeshopping
International Homeshopping
Everything from Product Planning to Sales
Client Analysis: Review of brands and trends as well as detailed evaluations on products and their advantages
Market Analysis: Proper market analysis for customer and examination of current suggestions and popular aspects
Competitor Analysis: Review of existing market competition structure, investigation of market barriers, and examination of responsive aspects and distinctiveness
Targeting: Detailed analysis of elements proper for the target of products and discover how to meet clients’ needs
Online Marketing Planning: Periodic planning by week, month, and quarter
Product Launch Preparation: Procedure of shooting product images and videos, improvement of product and brand image
Advertisement Management: Procedure of advertising products online via blogs and other online communities
Product Sales: Pricing based on the plan and process of online sales including homeshopping
Composition and Planning: Planning of composition and simulation based on product analysis, writing descriptions & product suggestions
Broadcast Preparation: Making broadcast setting, simulation, and design after reviewing appeal points available for broadcasting
Quality Assurance: Processing quality assurance (QA) for operating broadcast
Final Review: Promotion planning & arrangement through coordinating work with MD, final broadcast rehearsal
Homeshopping Sales: proceeding to open business through homeshopping, maximizing hourly advertisement effect, detailed analysis of consumers’ trends after initial launching
Product Management: Detailed analysis of consumers according to homeshopping sales, including viewer ratings by age and season
Market Diversification: Proactive marketing online and offline along with homeshopping sales for increasing advertisement effect
Product Upgrade: Regular periodic upgrades upon clients’ requests, preventing competing products from entering, maximizing market share
Online Marketplace
Online Shopping Mall
Social Commerce
Nationwide Onsite Stores
We directly distribute and sell at E-Mart Traders as well as online, such as online marketplaces, social commerce, and online shopping malls.
  • Inventory Management Based on Systematic Logistics Software
    Warehouse operation suitable for product feature and inventory management for maintaining products' optimal condition
    Stable inventory service through structured warehouse management system
    Distribution and processing service including gift set, special product, packing service, product investigation, repacking, and labeling.
    Delivery to Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, other regions, and international delivery
    Computer-based system for all management involved
  • Outstanding Consultant Management through Structured CS Education
    Our CS Center provides the best service by paying close attention to every detail from clients.
    We satisfy and please our customers by promptly processing requests.
    Outstanding consultant management through organized CS education
    Customer satisfaction growth through product-based consulting
    Provision of solution in cooperation with relevant partners after examining types, reasons, problems of received petitions as well as plans of action
    Damage minimization and prevention of reoccurrence by prompt and precise response
  • Hub Solution
    We maintain the best system without errors based on Hub Solution optimized for distribution ERP.
    Differences from Previous Package Solution
    Prompt revision procedure available per project based on high legibility
    Simple maintenance and expansion of hiring new personnel by using universal Java language (Spring Framework)
    Strength of Hub Solution
    Preview available for testing by modeling simplified transaction
    Completed test and simulation processing more than 100,000 data per day
    Easily applicable system for small and medium-sized business ERP (inventory, distribution, order, account settlement)
    Managing warehouse, manufacture, subdivision, and components
    Information accessible on smartphones anytime and anywhere!