CEO’s Greetings

GTL Corporation is committed to become a trustworthy partner carefully monitoring from the beginning to the end with the most suitable marketing solution.
We also promise as following for a success story of your company.

  • 01
    We suggest global strategies.
    We connect you to excellent domestic/international brands through our global networks.
  • 02
    We suggest one-stop solution.
    We provide the most suitable one-stop solution for sales from product photography, filming, financial support, broadcast preparation and post-management.
  • 03
    We create the environment for opening up various markets for homeshopping.
    We offer various homeshopping markets for live homeshopping, T-Commerce, and other various homeshopping markets, such as in China and other countries, and also provide general distribution service regarding products including online shopping malls, online marketplaces, and social products.
  • 04
    We make all our operative processes transparent.
    We aim to become a corporation trusted by clients by sharing all information from the outset, operation, to after-sales service.
  • 05
    We provide fast and accurate service.
    We are determined to provide precise service required of corporations and bring about the best synergistic effect by recruiting experienced and qualified professionals.
  • 06
    We endeavor to unlock our sales potential.
    We take the lead in new corporate culture by maximizing sales through ceaseless research and development on unique strategies and win-win results for all participating partners.
We promise to provide more opportunities and values for customers and society.
In addition, we pledge to do our best from the point of customers based on a new mindset and philosophy.
Thank you.
  • CEO Daniel Yoon