Social Contribution

GTL Corporation will grow with our neighbors for the bright future based on a long-term plan of sharing.

Financial Support for Compassion Korea
A miracle for children has begun through GTL Corporation and Compassion Korea.

With financial support and affection from GTL Corporation, 36 children who are living at the poverty level in Sri Lanka can now find hope for the future.
GTL Corporation acts an incredible miracle for the children by holding their hands with a compassionate heart.

Financial Support for Framily Inc.
Framily is a compound word of friend and family, which means to be an association of people who strive to become friends among family members and to eventually become cherished family-like friends. By becoming a friend and also family of single-parent multicultural households, we support them to recover from suffering.

GTL cooperates with Framily and supports single parent multicultural households.
We also carry out volunteer and cultural activities for sharing.

Scholarship Support for Children of Missionaries Abroad
Korean children often face difficulties to receive education due to the high cost of tuition fees.
GTL Corporation aims to support the children of missionaries abroad by providing scholarships.

Currently, GTL reduces the burden of missionaries abroad by supporting tuition payments for their children through scholarship support.

Charity for Poor Neighbors
GTL Corporation supports poor and disadvantaged families.
However small it is, we plan to expand our support for them in the hopes that it would encourage them.